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The Standing Rabbit

Zelda by Nancy Milford

Zelda by Nancy Milford

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Zelda by Nancy Milford is a 511-page paperback published by Avon Books, a division of The Hearst Corporation.  Stated first Avon printing of July, 1971.  The front cover has a crease across the corner.  Inside, the pages are browning due to age but are unmarked and the binding is sound but may be dry due to age.

Book Summary

When I was young in the Midwest and had reams of my own, it seemed to me a fine thing to live as the Fitzgeralds had, where every gesture had a special flair that marked it as one's own.  Together they personified the immense lure of the East, of young fame, of dissolution and early death--their sepia-tinted photographs in rotogravure sections across the country:  Scott, in an immaculate Norfolk Jacket, gesturing nervously with a cigarette, Zelda brightly at his side, her clean wild hair brushed back from her face.  But it was not her beauty that was arresting.  It was her style, a sort of insolence toward life, her total lack of caution, her fearless and abundant pride.  If the Fitzgeralds were ghostly figures out of an era that was gone, they had nevertheless made an impact on the American imagination that reverberated into my own generation.  I wanted to know why.  --Author Nancy Milford

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  66-20742

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