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Wildcrafts by Leslie Linsley

Wildcrafts by Leslie Linsley

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Wildcrafts by Leslie Linsley is a 192-page hardcover published in 1977 by Doubleday & Company, Inc.  The dust jacket has light shelf wear.  Inside, the cloth-bound book is in very good condition, with clean unmarked pages and tight binding.

Book Summary

Making useful items from materials found in nature was once a necessity and remains today one of the most satisfying forms of craftwork.  Wildcrafts contains designs and instructions for over one hundred original and inexpensive craft projects, all made from natural materials in traditional ways, but with a contemporary look.  With this book and with a minimum of time and skill, anyone can create delightful reminders of an afternoon's walk in the fields, the woods, or at the seashore--a rose petal necklace, a floating bayberry candle, or seashell chimes.

With a wide variety of craft techniques to choose from (including macrame, decoupage, candlemaking, basket weaving, printing and collage), even beginners can enjoy this fascinating introduction to the world of Wildcrafts.

ISBN:  0-385-12687-5

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