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Who Got Einstein's Office? by Ed Regis

Who Got Einstein's Office? by Ed Regis

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Who Got Einstein's Office? by Ed Regis is a 216-page cloth-bound hardcover published in 1987 by Addison-Wesley Published Company, Inc., and is a stated second printing of October, 1987.  The book is in good original condition.

Book Summary

The Institute for Advanced Study was home to Einstein in Decline, the place where the father of relativity worked for twenty fruitless years on field theory and wrote naive political tracts.  It was where Kurt Gödel starved himself in paranoid delusion, and where J. Robert Oppenheimer rode out his political persecution with boozy evenings in the director's mansion.

Founded in 1933 by a philanthropic department store magnate, the Institute has played host to fourteen Nobel Prize winners and to most of the great physicists and mathematicians of the twentieth century.  Who Got Einstein's Office? tells, for the first time, the story of this "intellectual hotel" designed solely to indulge the Mandarins of theory, and is a splendid combination of science and anecdote.

Who Got Einstein's Office? takes the reader on an exciting tour through an astonishing number of revolutionary discoveries, starting with the nonclassic work of Einstein and Gödel, followed by such fantastic jungles as Mandelbrot's fractals and Wolfram's cellular aotomata, the infinite Hilbert spaces of von Neumann's approach to quantum mechanics, the shifting paradigms of Kuhn, and finally the pulsating superstrings that could provide long-sought Theory of Everything.

In Ed Regis's skillful hands, science emerges as merely one aspect of a pervasive sense of place, merging with the faculty squabbles, John von Neumann's legendary parties, and Freeman Dyson's plans for pistonlike spaceship powered by Hydrogen bombs, about which was said "Zis is not nuts, Zis is supernuts!"

ISBN:  0-201-12065-8

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