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Where's Annie by Eileen Bassing

Where's Annie by Eileen Bassing

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Where's Annie? by Eileen Bassing is a 401-page hardcover published in 1963 by Random House.  The dust jacket has shelf wear and some small closed tears.  Inside, the pages are clean and the binding is tight.

Book Summary

This powerful novel deals dramatically with the tensions, anxieties and frustrations of our times and their effect on a group of Americans living in a remote Mexican Village. Victoria Beacon, and author more successful with her books than with her marriages, has come to Mexico to forget the past and write her masterpiece. She's completely dedicated to her art and equally determined to avoid personal entanglements. However, she is inevitably drawn into the emotional crisis of other members of The Colony, chiefly through her soul searing relations with a symbaritic artist.

These people, like Victoria, live with the ashes of previous years, but unlike her, or the artist Ned, are seeking solace in a chaotic world of alcohol, drugs or sex. As Victoria's sympathies are aroused, and her barriers destroyed, she too is sucked into their vortex. Not until she sees her creative honesty betrayed does she perceived the killing nature of this expatriate life.

It is a book which courageously states the problems of offbeat people in a world which caters to the norm harsh and unsparing, yes, but a rewarding experience for those readers who follow it's probing search for man's inner compulsions.

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