Where We Stand: Class Matters by Bell Hooks

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Where We Stand:  Class Matters by Bell Hooks is a 164-page softcover published in 2000 by Routledge (New York and London).  The book is in very good condition other than some mild cover wear. 

Book Summary

Where We Stand is a powerful book by one of America's most admired critics and writers.  For years we have turned to Bell Hooks--feminist, social thinker, memoirist, teacher--for her deeply felt ideas on women, race, culture, sexuality, and more recently on love and children.  Now Bell Hooks talks about class--the "elephant in the room"--the unnamed subject we all know is central to our culture and its problems.

Why is it that the face of poverty in America is a black face, even though most of the thirty-six million poor in America are white?  How do fantasies of wealth's power help keep the poor poor?  What do back teens want, and how do they learn to want it?  Are wealthy black Americans any more aware of class issues than wealthy whites?  Why do we need so much money, after all?

Drawing on both her roots in Kentucky and her adventures with Manhattan coop boards, Bell Hooks provides a successful black woman's reflection--personal, straightforward, and rigorously honest--on how our dilemmas of class and race are intertwined, and how we can find ways to think beyond them.

ISBN:  0-415-92913-X (pbk.)