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In 1983, Red Rose Tea started regularly including small porcelain "Whimsies" made by English firm George Wade & Son Ltd in their boxes of tea.  

  • Series #1 (1983-1995):  chimp, lion, bison, bush baby, owl, bear cub, rabbit, squirrel, bird, otter, hippo, turtle, seal, wild boar, and elephant.
  • Series #2 (1985-1996):  giraffe, koala bear, pine marten, langur, gorilla, kangaroo, tiger, camel, zebra, polar bear, orangutan, leopard, rhino, raccoon, leopard, puppy, rabbit, kitten, pony, and cockateel.
  • Series #3  The Circus Animal Series (1994-1999):  ringmaster, human cannonball, strongman, clown with drum, clown with pie, bear, sitting elephant, standing elephant, male monkey, female monkey, lion, poodle, seal, horse, and tiger.
  • Series #4 Endangered North American Animals (1999-2002):  spotted owl, bald eagle, polar bear, peregrine falcon, humpback whale, Florida panther, manatee, green sea turtle, timber wolf, and sturgeon.
  • Series #5 Noah's Arc:  elephant, rhino, zebra, goose and gander, hen and rooster, ram and ewe, lion and lioness, and Noah and his wife.
  • Series #6 Pet Shop Friends (2006-2008):  duck, pony, rabbit, turtle, kittens, puppies, Labrador, budgie, tropical fish, and cat. 
  • Series #7 The Wade Red Rose Calendar Series (2008-2012):  snowman, cupid, leprechaun, Easter bunny, Mother's Day flowers, graduation, Uncle Sam, sandcastle, scarecrow, pumpkin kitty, turkey, and Christmas tree.
  • Series #8 The Nautical Wonderland Series (2012):  compass, conch shell, mermaid, ships wheel, treasure chest, divers helmet, lighthouse, sailboat, seagull, seahorse, crab, and starfish.
  • Series #9 American Heritage Series (2016):  arrowhead, bison, covered wagon, Liberty Bell, patriot hat, space shuttle, steam engine, tea crates, tractor, and White House.

Sources: Antique Marks and Red Rose Tea