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The Standing Rabbit

Wade (England) Red Rose Tea Porcelain Brown Rhinocerous Whimsy

Wade (England) Red Rose Tea Porcelain Brown Rhinocerous Whimsy

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A porcelain brown Rhinoceros whimsy made for Red Rose Tea by Wade.  The rhino measures 1 1/2" long, 3/4" wide, and 1 1/8" tall.  "Wade England" is impressed along the bottom side and the condition is pristine, with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

Wade Whimsies in Red Rose Tea Boxes

In 1983, Red Rose Tea started regularly including small porcelain "Whimsies" made by English firm George Wade & Son Ltd in their boxes of tea.  

  • Series #1 (1983-1995):  chimp, lion, bison, bush baby, owl, bear cub, rabbit, squirrel, bird, otter, hippo, turtle, seal, wild boar, and elephant.
  • Series #2 (1985-1996):  giraffe, koala bear, pine marten, langur, gorilla, kangaroo, tiger, camel, zebra, polar bear, orangutan, rhino, raccoon, leopard, puppy, rabbit, kitten, pony, and cockateel.
  • Series #3  The Circus Animal Series (1994-1999):  ringmaster, human cannonball, strongman, clown with drum, clown with pie, bear, sitting elephant, standing elephant, male monkey, female monkey, lion, poodle, seal, horse, and tiger.
  • Series #4 Endangered North American Animals (1999-2002):  spotted owl, bald eagle, polar bear, peregrine falcon, humpback whale, Florida panther, manatee, green sea turtle, timber wolf, and sturgeon.
  • Series #5 Noah's Arc:  elephant, rhino, zebra, goose and gander, hen and rooster, ram and ewe, lion and lioness, and Noah and his wife.
  • Series #6 Pet Shop Friends (2006-2008):  duck, pony, rabbit, turtle, kittens, puppies, Labrador, budgie, tropical fish, and cat. 
  • Series #7 The Wade Red Rose Calendar Series (2008-2012):  snowman, cupid, leprechaun, Easter bunny, Mother's Day flowers, graduation, Uncle Sam, sandcastle, scarecrow, pumpkin kitty, turkey, and Christmas tree.
  • Series #8 The Nautical Wonderland Series (2012):  compass, conch shell, mermaid, ships wheel, treasure chest, divers helmet, lighthouse, sailboat, seagull, seahorse, crab, and starfish.
  • Series #9 American Heritage Series (2016):  arrowhead, bison, covered wagon, Liberty Bell, patriot hat, space shuttle, steam engine, tea crates, tractor, and White House.

Sources: Antique Marks and Red Rose Tea

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