Ulysses by James Joyce

$ 18.00

Ulysses by James Joyce is a 650-page softcover published in 1986 by Vintage Books, a division of Random House.  Apart from very mild rubbing to the cover due to age, this copy appears to have been unread as the pages are crisp and clean and the binding is tight with no creasing along the spine.

Book Summary

One of the most important novels of the twentieth century, Ulysses was first published in Paris in 1922.  Almost as soon as it appeared, the author began to compile a list of errata, and publishers have continued the process ever since, quite often inadvertently adding to the list.  In 1974, an international team of scholars headed by Professor Hans Walter Gabler began to study manuscript evidence, typescripts and proofs in an attempt to produce as accurate a new edition as possible.  When it appeared in the three-volume, extensively annotated edition in 1984, The New York Times hailed it as a monumental achievement.  Now Random House, which published the first legally printed edition of Ulysses in any English-speaking country, and by successfully defending the book against the charge of obscenity established a landmark in American literary history, presents the trade edition of the newly corrected text.

"It fixes 5,000 errors...involving punctuation, omitted words, phrases, and even entire sentences," The New York Times wrote, "an average of seven flaws for every printed page."  These corrections make this great and complex novel more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.  There is also an introduction by the distinguished Joyce scholar Richard Ellmann and an afterword by Hans Walter Gabler. 

ISBN:  0-394-74312-1 (pbk.)