Three Adventures: Galapagos, Titicaca, The Blue Holes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole

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Three Adventures:  Galapagos, Titicaca, The Blue Holes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole is a 304-page hardcover published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1973.  The dust jacket has some surface wear and a closed tear along the flap.  Inside, there is a coffee-like drop stain on the front endpage and and more "drops" to several pages in the Appendix.  Otherwise, the book is in good condition.

Book Summary

In this far-ranging odyssey through the submarine world, Jacques Cousteau and his renowned team of scientist-adventurers and divers on board Calypso search out and, at great personal risk, explore three most unusual underwater phenomena.

At the Galapagos archipelago, home of Darwin's theories, the divers probe the secret of the marine iguana, a giant lizard capable of entering a Zen-like state of suspended animation at will, completely stopping its heartbeat while deep in the ocean.

Next, after an arduous trek up the Peruvian Andes to the highest body of water in the world and reputed site of fabulous Incan treasure, Lake Titicaca, Cousteau and company descend into the vast lake in mini-subs searching for the lake's secrets and testing equipment at high altitudes.

Lastly, the aquanauts journey to the inaccessible, mysterious "Blue Holes" of British Honduras and the Bahamas, enormous rings of coral containing deep caves and endless labyrinths.

Captain Cousteau and Philippe Diole share the surprises, wonder and occasional treachery of the marine environment with us through their graphic evocative narration and 125 full-color photographs in this stimulating tale of world-spanning adventure.

ISBN:  0-385-06921-9