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The World is My Home: A Memoir by James Michener

The World is My Home: A Memoir by James Michener

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The World is My Home:  A Memoir by James Michener is a 519-page hardcover published in 1992 by Random House, and is a stated first edition.  The dust jacket and bood are in very good condition.

Book Summary

A Small Town Pennsylvania boy, brought up in a foster home, who hitchhikes around the country beginning at age thirteen. A young man with a thirst for learning who educates himself in the arts. A naval officer during World War II who Island-hops across the South Pacific on a set of papers forged by an officer friend and becomes the high command's official expert on scandals and shenanigans in the Pacific Theater. A textbook editor who publishes his first book at age 40 and wins a Pulitzer Prize. A best-selling author who feels at home anywhere in the world and is blessed with a singular gift for making the most exotic people and places come alive on the page.

James A Michener is all of these people, and in this vivid and unorthodox memoir he describes the people, events, and ideas that have shaped his life. Moving backward and forward across time, he writes about the many strands of his experience: his passion for travel; his lifelong infatuation with literature, music, and painting; his liberal credo and his adventures in politics; and the hard work, headaches, and rewards of the writing life. Plain-spoken, wise, and enormously sympathetic, here at last is the real James Michener, a man who can truly say the world is my home.

ISBN:  0-679-40134-2

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