The Wave of the Sea-Wolf by David Wisniewski

$ 10.00

The Wave of the Sea-Wolf by David Wisniewski was published by Clarion Books in 1994.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

In a coastal bay in the land of Tlingit, huge waves arise without warning, engulfing even the largest war canoe in an instant.  The young Tlingit princess Kchokeen knows that a spirit called Gonakedet, the Sea-Wolf, lives in these waters, and wonders if it is responsible for the destructive waves.

Kchokeen also knows that wealth and honor come to those who see Gonakadet.  But when an adventure near the bay concludes with a vision of the sea-wolf, the gifts she receives are unexpected, and make her the instrument of profound changes in the destiny of her people.

The Pacific Northwest is the setting for this dramatic original story, which draws on Tlingit myth as well as accounts of the Tlingit's first contacts with European adventurers.  The spectacular cut-paper illustrations are rich in traditional motifs.

ISBN:  0-395-66478-0