The Wapshot Chronicle and The Wapshot Scandal by John Cheever

$ 14.00

The Wapshot Chronicle and The Wapshot Scandal by John Cheever is a 549-page hardcover published by Harper & Row, Publishers. The Wapshot Chronicle was originally published in 1954 and The Wapshot Scandal was originally published in 1959.  This book which contains both stories is a stated first edition, published in 1979.  The cover has some wear, closed tears and sun fading but is intact.  Inside, the blue cloth bound hardcover is clean and pristine, with no major flaws to note.  The condition is very good. 

Book Summary

In 1957, when The Wapshot Chronicle was first published, John Cheever was already recognized as a writer of superb short stories.  But the Chronicle, which won the 1958 National Book Award, established him as a major novelist.  Seven years later The Wapshot Scandal emphatically confirmed this standing.  Together, these novels present the complete story of the Wapshot inheritance, from the early twentieth century to the 1960s and from a small Massachusetts village to New York and Europe.  Now, for the multitude of readers who have discovered Cheever's marvelous inventions only in the past twenty years, this classic of American fiction is reissued in one hardcover volume. 

ISBN:  0-06-010741-3