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The Standing Rabbit

The Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell

The Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell

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Harlan Tarbell, 'The Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 3,' published by Louis Tannen, Inc.  First published in 1927.  This copy is the fourth printing of 1971.

The Tarbell Course in Magic is a 416 page hardcover measuring 9" x 6".  No dust jacket present.  There is foxing to the upper outside page edges.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked.  The spine is slightly cocked and loose but the pages are fully attached with do defects there.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

The world loves a successful musician, but it resents a poorly trained one.  As a dramatic critic friend said "God bless the true magician; but God help the sloppy one."  Magic well done is one of the finest forms of entertainment, but ruined magic is one of the worst. 

Professional magicians have contributed some of their finest secrets to this course--time tested mysteries that have even been feature numbers.  I have always felt that if the professional were kind enough to give me a mystery he has successfully presented for years, it is up to me to master the trick so that its presentation will be a credit to the originator.  In turn, I want you to show your appreciation by mastering a mystery before you present it.

--Harlan Tarbell

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