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The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls by John R. King

The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls by John R. King

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The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls by John R. King is a 350-page hardcover, a Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York, 2008.  The dust jacket has very minor surface wear.  The book is slightly cocked.  There is a small date printed on the front end paper in ink.  Otherwise the pages are clean and crisp, and the binding is tight. 

Book Summary

Reichenbach Falls is the infamous site of the battle to the death between Sherlock Holmes and his archnemesis, Professor Moriarty.  For years, readers have had two conflicting tales of what happened on that fateful day--in the first, the great detective met his demise, and in the second, he escaped and went into hiding.  What if the truth lies in the third account? 

From the foot of Reichenbach Falls to the alleys of Whitechapel to the streets of Paris, two intrepid investigators search for answers--one striving to recover his identity, the other to unlock the secrets of the unknown.  In relentless pursuit, there is a shadow of darkest evil...Whether in the resorts of Meiringen or the asylums of Switzerland, the master criminal Moriarty always seems to be one step ahead.  The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls reveals the long-held secret of the supposed "death-match at the falls" between Holmes and Moriarty, where both survived but neither was unscathed. 

ISBN-13:  978-0-7653-1801-5 

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