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The Russia House by John le Carré

The Russia House by John le Carré

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The Russia House by John le Carré is a 353-page hardcover published in 1989 by Alfred A. Knopf, New York.  Stated First Edition.  Good condition.  Surface rubbing and light sticker residue to the cover. 

Book Summary

We are in the third uncertain summer of perestroika and glasnost.  In Moscow, at a small British trade fair, a document changes hands:  a sheaf of military secrets that can--if it arrives at its proper destination and if its import is understood--profoundly alter the course of world events.  It is certain in any case to have an explosive effect on the lives of three people along the route.  One is a Soviet physicist whose burden is his secret knowledge.  One is the young Russian woman--the beautiful woman names Katya--to whom the papers have been entrusted.  The third is an Englishman, Barley Blair--a drinker, a saxophone player, a derelict publisher, who is bewildered to discover that the papers are addressed to him and to find himself pressed into service by British Intelligence.  His mission:  to trace the document back to its source and ferret out the intelligence behind it.

Contriving once again to catch history in the act, John le Carré draws us into his secret world and makes it do duty for our own.  In Moscow, Leningrad and London, in Lisbon, on an island off the coast of Maine that belongs to the CIA--and in the very heart of Barley Blair himself--le Carré spins us not only a spy story and an anti-spy story but a tale of love and lovers pitted against corporate attitudes of habitual belligerence.

A magnificent thriller, a celebration of courage, a novel of hope for our time. 

ISBN:  0-394-57789-2

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