The Rules of Golf by Tom Watson with Frank Hannigan

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The Rules of Golf by Tom Watson with Frank Hannigan is a 183-page hardcover published in 1988 by Random House, Inc. (originally published in 1980). The condition is very good, with no notable flaws.  

Book Summary

The Rules of Golf are the joint responsibility of two organizations--the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).  They jointly write and interpret the Rules, and every national golf organization, professional and amateur, defers to their judgement.  An agreement exists to the effect that neither the USGA nor the R&A will act unilaterally and that amendments will be adopted only every fourth year.  This book was published as the 1988 changes take effect.  This edition, like its predecessors, is not aimed at any one segment of golfers.  It assumes a basic understanding of golf terminology, but beginners as well as experienced players can profit from the experience.

ISBN:  0-8129-1729-4
ISBN:  0-8129-1728-6 (pbk.)