The Proper Bostonians by Cleveland Amory

$ 8.00

The Proper Bostonians by Cleveland Amory is a Dutton Everyman Paperback, published by E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., first published in 1947, this copy published in 1957.  There is a light crease to the upper portion of the spine, light rubbing to the front and back covers, and a small crease along the back corner edge.  Inside, the pages are clean and with sound binding.

Book Summary

A Chicago banking firm once asked a Boston investment house for references on a Beacon Hill scion.  Promptly the Chicago bank was informed that the applicant descended from Cabots, Lowells, Saltonstalls--in short could not be more acceptable.  "We are not," the Chicago firm replied curtly, "contemplating using Mr. -- -- for breeding purposes."

That story is legendary, but basic to an understanding of Boston and the proper Bostonian, for he is a charter member of a society called the most exclusive in America.  Cleveland Amory's scintillating and devastating analysis of that Society is an established bestseller, a modern classic.