The Philadelphia Story A City of Winners by Frank Dolson

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The Philadelphia Story: A City of Winners by Frank Dolson is a 318-page hardcover published in 1981 by Icarus Press, Inc.  The dust jack some creases along the bottom and there is some wear along the edges.  There is some foxing on the top and fore edges.  Otherwise, the pages are clean and crisp and the binding is tight.  The condition is very good. 

Book Summary

In the past, winning wasn't everything in Philadelphia.  Losing was.  But a crazy thing happened.  All its pro sports teams began to win.  The City of Brotherly Love's raucous fans were suddenly deprived of their venerable right to boo.  The town went into collective shock.  Just how it happened remains an enigma.  But it did.  One by one, the Flyers, the Eagles, the 76ers, the Phillies, sneaked out of the cellar.  They actually won. Division championships. Playoffs.  The Stanley Cup.  Superbowl Playoffs.  And the World Series.  Frank Dolson, dean of Philadelphia's sportswriters, records the most breathtaking Cinderella story in the history of American sports.

ISBN:  0-89651-600-8