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The Night Manager by John le Carre

The Night Manager by John le Carre

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The Night Manager by John le Carre is a 429-page hardcover published by Alfred A. Knopf (New York), stated first edition of 1993.  The dust jacket has an unnoticeable stain on the inside spine.  Inside, that stain bleeds through to the top of the book spine, indicating contact with water at some point.  This water contact does not affect the pages, which are crisp and clean.  

Book Summary

We are in a new arena of intrigue where the old rivalries of great nations have been supplanted by the ravages of individual greed.  We are in a new world of espionage where the habits and rules forged by past generations of spies are put to more shocking use.  We are inside the international cartel of illegal arms dealers and drug smugglers, now rising to unheard-of power under the command of men whose ruthlessness is matched only by their limitless hunger for unlimited wealth.  It is this world, in all its brilliant corruption, that John le Carre now opens up for us.  His peerless gifts--his mastery of storytelling and characterization--have never beeb more stunningly employed.  In The Night Manager, the hypnotic narrative is charged by a luminous understanding of the paradoxes implicit in our perceptions of evildoing and virtue.  

ISBN:  0-679-42513-6

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