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The Kraus Project by Jonathan Franzen

The Kraus Project by Jonathan Franzen

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The Kraus Project by Jonathan Franzen is a 318-page softcover published in 2013 by Fourth Estate.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

A hundred years ago, the Viennese satirist Karl Kraus was among the most penetrating and farsighted writers in Europe:  a relentless critic of the popular media's manipulation of reality, the dehumanizing machinery of technology and consumer capitalism, and the jingoistic rhetoric of a fading empire.  Despite a fervent following, he remained something of a lonely prophet.  Few people today are familiar with his work.  Thankfully, Jonathan Franzen is one of them.

In The Kraus Projectiii, Franzen not only presents his definitive new translations of Kraus but annotates them spectacularly, the way Kraus annotated others.  While surveying today;s cultural and technological landscape with fearsome clarity, Franzen also gives us a deeply personal recollection of his first year out of college, when he fell in love with Kraus's work.

ISBN:  978-0-00-751824-1

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