The Horse's Mouth by Joyce Cary

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The Horse's Mouth by Joyce Cary is a 375-page paperback published by Penguin Modern Classics, first published in August 1944, this copy published in 1972.  There is a  crease along the spine and right edge and some light rubbing.  Inside, the pages are clean but there is light tanning along the page borders.  The binding is tight but may be dry due to age.

Book Summary

The Horse's Mouth is a portrait of an artistic temperament.  Its principal character, Gulley Jimson, is an impoverished painter who bothers little about the customary obligations and decencies.  But although he is a bad citizen he is a good artist, so wholly preoccupied with his art that he is unwilling to endure any privation for its sake.  Gulley Jimson, however, is no self-conscious martyr.  He is so wholly allergic to conventional values as to find a sardonic delight in flouting them, and the only morality he practices is the devotion he gives to painting.  It was the third volume in a trilogy that included Herself Surprised (1941) and To Be a Pilgrim (1942).

ISBN:  0-14-00-0648-6