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The Hills at Home by Nancy Clark

The Hills at Home by Nancy Clark

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The Hills at Home by Nancy Clark is a 481-page hardcover published in 2003 by Pantheon Books, New York.  The condition is very good.  The dust jacket is price clipped. 

Book Summary

In this rich and wonderfully comic family story we meet Hills, an irrepressible New England Clan.  First and foremost in the maiden aunt and matriarch, Lily, whose great old manse is invaded, in the summer of 1989, as the members of her family descend upon her one by one.  From Lily's old salt brother Harvey, with his triptych of photographs of his three late wives, to their niece Ginger, a hopelessly scattered romantic and would-be novelist, to Ginger's brother Alden, a banker laid off from Wall Street, with hos rowdy brood of four, they all claim to have come "just for a visit."  But the weeks go by and no one shows any sign of leaving--if anything, the Hill family seems like it actually might be growing.

In a masterful orchestration of the manly voices contending for dominance in the Hill household, Nancy Clark charts the family dynamics against the larger backdrop of the recession during the first Bush administration and the fall of the Berlin Wall--a changing world that encroaches on the Hills' Yankee existence in surprising ways as the plot develops.  But it is with the arrival of Andy--a grad student with a tenuous connection to the family, who wants to research the Hills for his PhD.D. dissertation on the vanishing breed of New England WASPs--that their lives are turned upside down.

ISBN:  0-375-42203-X

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