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The Graduate by Charles Webb

The Graduate by Charles Webb

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The Graduate by Charles Webb is a 191-page hardcover published by the New American Library, 1963, Book Club Edition.  The dust jacket has some small chips and tears along the top edge and has some scuffing along the spine.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked and the binding is tight. 

Book Summary

Benjamin Braddock was good-looking, athletic, rich, and exceptionally intelligent.  He had just graduated tops in his class from one of the finest colleges in the east.  He had won a valuable and coveted teaching fellowship to the graduate school of his choice.  And in the garage was a flashy, expensive sports car--a graduation gift from his dad.

But for all the accomplishment in his past and the promise for his future, Ben was a miserable specimen of humanity.  As far as he was concerned, his degree and the learning it stood for weren't worth a pail of spit..and he had no intention of going on to graduate school, fellowship or no fellowship!

Then, in the midst of Ben's harrowing and poignant search for himself, the wife of his father's business partner came along to give Ben a thorough post-graduate education. 

Ben's zany misadventures as he lets himself get involved with a beautiful older woman, then fights a losing battle to stop himself from falling completely in love with a younger version of the same beauty, will tantalize and capture every reader.  Charles Webb's spare, understated literary style has a magical fascination.  And his wry sense of humor provides a delicate balance to the novel's deeply serious underlying theme of communication between the generations.

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