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The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History by Leo Braudy

The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History by Leo Braudy

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The Frenzy of Renown:  Fame and Its History by Leo Braudy is a 668-page softcover published in 1997 by Vintage Books.  There is creasing down the spine but inside the binding is tight. 

Book Summary

For Alexander the Great, fame meant accomplishing what no mortal had ever accomplished before.  For Julius Caesar, personal glory was indistinguishable from that of Rome.  The early Christians devalued public recognition, believing that the only true audience was God.  And Marilyn Monroe owed much of her fame to the fragility that led to self-destruction.  These are only some of the dozens of figures that populate Leo Braudy's panoramic history of fame, a book that tells us as much about vast cultural changes as it does about the men and women who at different times captured their societies' regard.  Spanning thousands of years and fields ranging from politics to literature and mass media, The Frenzy of Renown explores the unfolding relationship between the famous and their audiences, between fame and the representation that makes it possible.

ISBN:  0-679-77630-3

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