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The Decorative Art of Dried Flower Arrangement by Georgia S. Vance

The Decorative Art of Dried Flower Arrangement by Georgia S. Vance

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The Decorative Art of Dried Flower Arrangement by Georgia S. Vance is a 194-page hardcover published in 1972 by Doubleday & Company, Inc. The dust jacket shows shelf wear and small closed tears and chips along the edges.  Inside, the book is pristine, with clean unmarked pages and tight, square binding.  The front end page is signed by the author.

Book Summary

The free-flowing lines, dramatic shape and use of materials authentically seventeenth century characterize the exuberant beauty of the arrangement in the cover photograph, an interpretation of a Dutch-Flemish flower painting.

Delight in the history of floral art, respect for natural floral beauty, and unique experience in capturing incredibly lovely colors are what characterize the work of Georgia Vance.  In her book, the first part explores each decorative style, illustrated by select reproductions of paintings, tapestries and prints and many photos of the author's arrangements.  She continues with all methods of flower preservation, her recommendations for success with virtually every variety of plant form, and step-by-step illustrations.  With this knowledgeable guide beside you, you learn to use proper technique and understanding of the range of stylistic possibilities to create long-lasting loveliness for your home.

Does the grace of traditional styles intrigue you?  Would the art forms of Ikebana or abstract modern arrangements complete your decor?  Do you long for sparkling field flowers in deep winter?  Open this inspiring and clearly instructive book and see how you can start right now.  Dried flowers don't have to look dusty and straw-colored.  Preservation and arrangement is a craft and an art for any season and taste.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  79-162025

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