The Collected Writings of Ambrose Bierce

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The Collected Writings of Ambrose Bierce is a 810-page softcover published in 1977 by Citadel Press, Inc. but was first published in 1946, (this copy is the seventh paperbound printing of 1977.)  The cover has light surface wear.  Inside, the pages are clean and unmarked. 

Book Reviews

Edmund Wilson of The New Yorker:  "It is a good thing to have Bierce revived...The preface which Clifton Fadiman has contributed is one of the ablest presentations of a writer that I remember to have seen from his hand."

Stanley Walker of the New York Herald Tribune Book Review:  "Here, in one volume, are the most significant writings of that lonely bitter man, Ambrose Bierce...the collection seems wholly admirable...a fine volume for dipping into now and then."

William Targ of The Philadelphia Inquirer:  "Ambrose Bierce, the almost forgotten man of American letters, achieves his long overdue resurrection with the publication of his best works in a new and eminently satisfactory one-volume edition."

Emerson Price of The Cleveland Press:  "The major work of Ambrose Bierce, obscured by time and long available only in piecemeal, has finally been collected into a single volume...Clifton Fadiman provides an able and penetrating critical introduction...if you are looking for unusual literary fare, this is your book."

ISBN:  0-8065-0180-4