The Art of Cross-Examination by Frances L. Wellman

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The Art of Cross-Examination by Frances L. Wellmanis a 479-page hardcover published by Dorset Press, New York.  First published in 1903, this copy published in 1986.  The dust jacket shows some surface rubbing.  Inside, there is bumping to the spine and some stains to the lower outside page edges, but the book pages inside are clean and unmarked.

Book Summary

For sixty years this work has reigned supreme in its field.  It has instructed generations of budding attorneys, renewed the resources of courtroom veterans, sharpened the skills of interviewers, social workers, psychologists, and other professionals who use questioning in their day-to-day work.  And it has entertained untold thousands of general readers who delight in the drama of the trial.  Drawing upon his own experiences and upon the brilliant achievements of such noted lawyers as Herbert C. Smyth, Lloyd Paul Stryker, George Z, Medalie, Elihu Root, and Frederic R. Coudert, among others, Francis L. Wellman explains and exemplifies the principles of questioning.  He quotes extensively from many memorable cases, utilizing them both to illustrate the manner and manner of cross-examination.  He takes up the handling of the perjured witness and the expert, he underscores the importance of sequence, and he offers many insights into the psychology of the witness.  He shows how knowing when to elicit information--and when not to--are part of the artistry of the advocate.

ISBN:  0-88029-099-4