The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses by Marshall B. Davidson

$ 15.00

The American Heritage History of Notable American Houses by Marshall B. Davidson is a 383-page hardcover published in 1971 by American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc.  The dust jacket is chipped along the spine and edges.  The inside flap is price clipped (but the price is still visible).  Inside, the book is clean, the binding is tight.

Book Summary

This is the first comprehensive history of America to be told in terms of its most significant houses--from Cape Cod cottages to the mansions of "The 400" to the inventions of today.

Here, pictured and described in their historical contexts, are the houses that have contributed most notably to our changing ideas of what man's castle should be, inside and out.  The narrative is alive with the builders and architects, the skillful carpenters and inspired fanatics whose creations, well or badly copied, still serve as models for today.

There's Jefferson, Renaissance man and innovator; Charles Bulfinch, designer of gracious city homes; the Shakers, who built simply and well for God; Catharine Beecher, early advocate for easy-to-care-for houses; flamboyant Frank Lloyd Wright, the one-man revolution in modern housing. 

Every chapter is illustrated with an incomparable collection of photographs, historical paintings, drawings, and floor plans--more than 650 in all, 100 in color.  In addition to its value as an innovative and scholarly contribution to the record of America's past, the book is a rich source of ideas for the house planner, and provides sharpened perception and enjoyment of the varied stories told by the houses along any American street.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  75-149724