Taste and Power: Furnishing Modern France by Leora Auslander

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Taste and Power:  Furnishing Modern France by Leora Auslander is a 495-page hardcover published in 1996 by University of California Press.  Both dust jacket and book are in good condition.

Book Summary

Louis XIV, regency, rococo, neoclassical, empire, art nouveau, and historicist pastiche:  furniture styles march across French history as the regimes rise and fall.  In this extraordinary social history, Leora Auslander explores the changing meaning of furniture from the mid-seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries.  Analyzing furniture makers, sellers, buyers, and arbiters, Auslander reveals how the aesthetics of everyday life were as integral to political events as to economic and social transformations. 

Auslander melds the history of high politics--the formation of the state--with the history of the mundane--furniture--in order how to examine how power was consolidated, reproduced, and even resisted in the small objects and gestures of everyday life in France.

ISBN:  0-520-08894-8