Stuart Little by E.B. White

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Stuart Little by E.B. White is a 131-page hardcover published by HarperCollins Publishers, first published in 1945, this copy published in 1999.  The overall condition of both dust jacket and book is pristine, and in near-new condition.

Book Summary

This is the first children's book by the distinguished author E.B. White.  Stuart Little, the hero, is a mouse in the family of Frederick C. Little and is a pleasantly debonair little character, with a shy, engaging manner and a somewhat philosophical turn of mind.  He is a great help around the house, and everybody except Snowball the cat likes him a great deal.  In spite of his small size, Stuart gets around a good bit in the world, riding a Fifth Avenue bus with some aplomb, racing (and winning in) a sailboat in Central Park, teaching school for a day, and so on.  His size--just over two inches--does give him some trouble now and then, like the time he was rolled up in the window shade, or when he got dumped in a garbage scow.  But on the whole his life is a happy one.  His great adventure comes when, at the age of seven, he sets out in the world to find his dearest friend, Margalo, a beautiful little bird who stayed for a few days in the Littles' Boston fern.  It is on this search, after several amusing experiences, that we leave Stuart, going North in his little car, sure he is heading in the right direction.

ISBN-13:  978-0-06-026395-9
ISBN-10:  0-06-026395-4