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The Standing Rabbit

Stangl Pottery (New Jersey, USA) Clamshell Shaped Divided Dish

Stangl Pottery (New Jersey, USA) Clamshell Shaped Divided Dish

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A turquoise and whitish-gray ceramic divided dish with each dish shaped like a clam shell and finished with a central handle from Stangl Pottery.  The dish measures 11 3/4" across and sits 2 1/2" high.  The bottom is stamped "Stangl 3781" and the condition is very good.

Stangl Pottery of New Jersey

The origins of Stangl Pottery began in 1810 when Samuel Hill founded Hill Pottery in Flemington, New Jersey.  Hill Pottery produced utilitarian pottery and drain pipes and did so until the 1860s when Abram Fulper bought Hill Pottery and in 1900 renamed the company Fulper Pottery Company.  In 1910, Martin Stangl was hired as a ceramist at Fulper.  After a stint at Haeger Pottery, Stangl returned to Fulper and in 1926, became its vice president.  In 1929 after the death of William Fulper, Stangl took over the company and renamed it Stangl Pottery, producing art pottery, bird figurines and hand painted dinnerware until its closing in 1978.

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