Sporting Prints by F.L. Wilder

$ 10.00

Sporting Prints by F.L. Wilder, a Studio Book by The Viking Press, New York, 1974.  The dust jacket is missing.  The cloth bound hardcover has some sun fading.  Inside, the pages are clean, crisp and the binding is tight.  The condition is good.

Book Summary

To most of us the term "sporting print" implies the coloured etchings and aquatints of sporting subjects first produced in the second half of the eighteenth century, reaching their zenith less than a hundred years later, and running parallel with the great era of British sporting art, though they retained a certain independence of their own.

The fashion for coloured etchings originated in Switzerland, where Johann Ludwig Aberli (1723-86) and others made etched outlines of their watercolour landscapes and Swiss costumes, so that trained assistants could copy a sufficient number to satisfy the tourist trade of the time.  The perfection of the aquatint process enabled a wash effect of shading and tone to be given to the plates as groundwork for the colourists, thus providing a quicker and infinitely less laborious method of producing popular prints than line engraving, mezzotint and stipple, and leading to the introduction of the hand-coloured sporting print, still sometimes serious, but often comic.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  74-3519