Snobbery: The American Version by Joseph Epstein

$ 10.00

Snobbery:  The American Version by Joseph Epstein is a 274-page softcover published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 2002.  The condition is as-new.

Book Summary

Snobbery examines the discriminating qualities in all of us.  With dishy detail, Joseph Epstein skewers all manner of elitism in contemporary America.  He offers his arch observations of the new footholds of snobbery:  food, fashion, high-achieving children, schools, politics, being with-it, name-dropping, and much more.  Clever, incisive, and immensely entertaining, Snobbery explores the shallows and depths of status and taste--with enviable results.

ISBN:  0-395-94417-1