Shadows in the Sea: The Sharks, Skates, and Rays by Harold W. McCormick, Tom Allen and Captain William Young

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Shadows in the Sea:  The Sharks, Skates, and Rays by Harold W. McCormick, Tom Allen and Captain William Young is a 415-page hardcover published by Weathervane Books, by Chilton Book Company, 1958.  The dust jacket has light shelf wear and surface rubbing.  Inside, the bottom two inches of the front flyleaf and the top two inches of the back flyleaf are slightly loose from the back covers (manufacturing defect?) but the rest of the book is in near perfect condition.  The pages are crisp and clean and the binding is tight.  The condition is good. 

Book Summary

There is something in the word "shark" which captures the imagination of the world over.

The gliding movement at the very edge of a swimmer's vision, the fin riffling calm water and silently vanishing, the torpedo shape moving stealthily along in a ship's wake, all these mental pictures were evoked originally when men first ventured on the waters of the world.

With the growth of underwater sports, pleasure boating, and an increased use of maritime resources, once again the ancient fear has been resurrected.  What sharks are dangerous?  How dangerous?  When, where, and under what conditions?  How can man protect himself against them?

These and a thousand other questions are answered in Shadows in the Sea by one of the finest writing teams ever assembled for a specialized project.  Harold W. McCormick, Tom Allen and Captain William Young have searched throughout the world for information on sharks.  Every fact in this book has been authenticated.

For the first time the incredible Selachians (skates, sharks, sawfish and rays) have been thoroughly;y described--from luminous sharks twelve inches long to giant rays weighing a ton.

Learn when water temperature makes a shark attack dangerously likely, and why moonless nights are not for swimming.  Shallow water a protection?  Some sharks have attacked in three feet of water.  Such shallows are also the most likely place to encounter sting rays.  Are all sharks found in salt water?  One killer shark lives in a lake.  Other sharks ascend rivers.

This is a book for swimmers, sailors, naturalists and above all anyone who wants the whole story about the mysterious Shadows of the Sea, the eons-old race of sharks, skates, and rays.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  62-16260