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Sea Change by Peter Nichols

Sea Change by Peter Nichols

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Peter Nichols, 'Sea Change,' published by the Penguin Group (New York), 1997.

Sea Change is a 238 page hardcover measuring 9 1/4" x 6".  Both the dust jacket and book are in very good condition, with the only flaw noted being the blank front end paper appears to have been removed. 

Book Summary

Many people go down to the sea in ships, but few of them write as movingly about the experience as Peter Nichols does in Sea Change.  In this memoir of a single-handed transatlantic passage, the author describes, with great eloquence and insight, a poignant personal voyage that becomes a classic tale of survival. 

Nichols and his wife bought and restored an old wooden sailboat, Toad, and lived aboard it for five years, sailing through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic to Europe, where their marriage broke up.  Sea Change is the story of Nichols's return to the sea alone.

In the middle of the ocean, the twenty-seven foot engineless Toad springs a leak, and Nichols struggles to keep his boat afloat.  As he tests the limits of his courage and the depths of his fear, he discovers more than he knew about his marriage, his boat, and himself.

With clear, luminous prose, and a remarkable ability to pull the reader deep inside his boat and his life, Nichols shares his love of the sea, the literature of the small-boat sailors who have gone before him, and his own unsuspected strength and grace when faced with catastrophe.

Filled with intelligence, bravery, and even humor, Sea Change is a thrilling adventure story that will touch the reader at every turn.

ISBN:  0-670-87179-6



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