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The Standing Rabbit

Sag Harbor Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Red Plaid and Checked Wool Blend Round Swingy Skirt

Sag Harbor Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Red Plaid and Checked Wool Blend Round Swingy Skirt

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A round, long, and swingy style wool and polyester blend skirt from Sag Harbor featuring a plaid and checked design in colors of green, blue, black, red, and yellow and fastened with a zipper and button in the back.  The original label and care instructions are affixed inside the skirt and the stated size is 13/14. 

The exact measurements of the skirt in inches are as follows:

  • Waist:  30"
  • Hips:  44"
  • Skirt Length:  31 1/2"

As with pre-owned items, imperfections and small flaws due to wear and use can be expected.   Light pilling is present.

Will This Skirt Fit Me?

Apart from the stated size on the label, we take the following steps to determine a skirt's measurements:

  1. Waist:  We measure across the waist and then double the number.  For example, if the measurement across the waist is 15", we double it to get a 30" measurement.
  2. Hips:  We measure down from the waist 8", and from there, measure across the width of the skirt and then double the number.
  3. Length:  We measure from the top of the waist to the bottom of the hem along the side.  

Measuring for Your Size

Using a flexible tape measure, take the following two measurements:

  1. Waist:  Loosely measure around your body at your natural waistline (Tip:  Bend to the side, and the crease is your natural waistline, usually 2" above the belly button).  Note the number in inches.
  2. Hips:  Measure around the widest point of your hips and rear, usually 8" below the natural waistline.  Note the number in inches.

Standard Skirt Measurements

  • Size 2  Waist:  24"  Hips:  34.5"
  • Size 4  Waist:  25"  Hips:  35.5"
  • Size 6  Waist:  26"  Hips:  36.5"
  • Size 8  Waist:  27"  Hips:  33.5"
  • Size 10  Waist:  28"  Hips:  38.5"
  • Size 12  Waist:  30"  Hips:  40"
  • Size 14  Waist:  31"  Hips:  41.5"
  • Size 16  Waist:  33"  Hips:  43"
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