Robinson Ransbottom (Ohio, USA) Stoneware Storage Crocks with Primitive Watermelon Design and Wood Lids, Set of 3 Sizes

$ 95.00

A 3-cannister set of storage crocks with wood lids from Robinson Ransbottom.  The small 1 pint crock measures 4 1/2" across and 3 1/2" high with the lid; the medium 1 quart low jar measures 6 1/2" across and 5" high; and the large 2 quart low jar measures 8" across and 5 1/4" high.  The stoneware crocks each have primitive stenciled watermelons and the bottom of each is marked with "Robinson Ransbottom Roseville, Ohio, USA" and then each jar size.  These are very sturdy jars that show some loss to the watermelon stencils and some light staining on the wood lids from use but are otherwise all in very good condition.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery of Ohio

Frank Ransbottom and his brothers started Ransbottom Pottery in Roseville, Ohio, in 1900, and the company became one of the largest manufacturers of stoneware pottery in America.  In 1920, Ransbottom merged with Robinson Clay Products Co., which had even earlier origins, founded as Johnson, Whitmore and Co. in Akron, Ohio, in 1856.  With the merging of these two companies, the name was changed to Robinson-Ransbottom, or RRP Roseville Pottery Co. (not to be confused with Roseville Pottery Co).  RRP Co. produced art pottery, garden ware, and utilitarian housewares such as mixing bowls, crocks, spongeware. and butter churns until ceasing operations for good in 2005.