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Quinn's Book by William Kennedy

Quinn's Book by William Kennedy

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Quinn's Book by William Kennedy is a 289-page hardcover published by Viking.  Copyright 1988.  The book is in very good condition.

Book Summary

Quinn's Book is the narration by Daniel Quinn, orphan, of his adventure-ridden quest for true love and the answer to the elusive riddle of his own fate.  On one cataclysmic day in Albany in 1849, the fourteen-year-old Quinn rescues the wondrous Maud Fallon from an icy drowning in the flood-swollen Hudson during an ill-advised crossing with her aunt and guardian, the actress-courtesan  Magdalena Colon.  This will set in motion a decade and a half's procession across a crowded canvas of Albany's (and America's) history--the rise and fall of upstate Dutch dynasties, kidnappings and murders, the human traffic ion the underground railroad, pitched battles between the immigrant Irish and nativist Americans, vast oligarchical conspiracies, grand theatrical productions, sanguinary Civil War conflicts, and vicious draft riots--all related with the full-throated rhetorical gusto of the day. 

Both wonderfully evocative of its period in detail and language and indelibly contemporary in its artistic means and intentions, Quinn's Book is a spellbinding work of utter mastery. 

ISBN:  0-670-80437-1

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