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Queen of Bohemia: The Life of Louise Bryant by Mary V. Dearborn

Queen of Bohemia: The Life of Louise Bryant by Mary V. Dearborn

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Queen of Bohemia:  The Life of Louise Bryant by Mary V. Dearborn is a 365-page hardcover published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1996.  Dust jacket is encased in a protective book sleeve.  Inside, the half-cloth book is in very good condition apart from a white black address sticker affixed to the front endpaper and some tape residue on the front cover.

Book Summary

In this dazzling comprehensive biography of Louise Bryant, Mary V. Dearborn connects a constitutionally unconventional woman to an era of stunning transformations.  Known to many as the wife of the radical journalist John Reed, Bryant was a pioneering foreign correspondent in her own right, a fervent crusader for social causes, and an unabashed champion of sexual freedom.  Queen of Bohemia, with superb narrative flair, finally sets the record straight, bringing to exhilarating life the motivations and passions behind on of the century's most endearing radicals.

Born in 1885, Louise Bryant quickly married into middle-class life in Portland, Oregon, where she wrote society columns for the local Spectator.  But it was a life unsuited to the precocious iconoclast, who constantly sought a larger stage, and with John Reed her opportunity at last had arrived.  Lover and quixotic companion, Reed introduced Bryant to the heady bohemian scene of Greenwich Village in the 1910s, where she met political lights as Emma Goldman, Max Eastman, and Lincoln Steffens.  Yet it was in Russia, as a star reporter for the Hearst chain, that Bryant found her voice for her true passions:  the new-fashioned ideologies embraced by the Bolshevik Revolution...  

ISBN:   0-395-68396-3

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