Prelude to Mars by Arthur C. Clarke

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Prelude to Mars by Arthur C. Clarke is a 497-page hardcover published in 1965 by Harcourt, Brace & World, and is a stated Book Club Edition.  The book and dust jacket are in good original condition.

Book Summary

The variety and fascination of science fiction in the hands of a master strikingly apparent in a volume that brings together two full-length novels and sixteen stories by Arthur C. Clarke, whom Holiday has called "The Colossus of Science Fiction."

Prelude to Space, the first of the novels, is a vivid account of the events that culminate in  man's first voyage to the Moon.  Actuality has yet to overtake Sands of Mars, a novel in which courageous and visionary men bring off of vast experiment to make permanent colonization of that forbidding planet possible.

Among the stories, several include the character Harry Purvis, teller of tall tales and a mouthpiece for the playful and the humorously macabre aspects of Mr. Clark's talent.