Positively 4th Street by David Hajdu

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Positively 4th Street by David Hajdu is a 328-page hardcover published by Farrar, Straus and Girous, New York.  Stated first edition of 2001.  The dust jacket and book are in very good condition.

Book Summary

Positively 4th Street is a mesmerizing account of how four young people--Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Mimi Baez Farina, and Richard Farina--gave rise to modern day bohemia and created the enduring sound and style of the 1960s.

The story of the transformation of folk music from antiquarian pursuit to era-defining art form has never been fully told.  Hajdu, whose biography of Billy Strayhorn set a new standard for books about popular music, tells it as the story of a colorful foursome who were drawn together in Greenwich Village in the early 1960s and inspired a generation to gather around them.

Even before they became lovers in 1963, Dylan and Joan Baez were seen as the reigning king and queen of folk music; but their songs and public images grew out of their association with Joan's younger sister, Mimi--beautiful, haunted, a musician in her own right--and Richard Farina, the roguish, charming novelist Mimi married when she was seventeen.  In Hajdu's candid, often intimate account (based on several hundred interviews), their rise from scruffy coffeehouse folksingers to pop stars comes about through their complex personal relationships, as the young Dylan courts the famous Joan to further his career, Farina woos Mimi while looking longingly on her older sister, and Faina's friend Thomas Pynchon keeps an eye on their amours from afar.

ISBN:  0-374-28199-8