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Portraits of France by Robert Daley

Portraits of France by Robert Daley

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Portraits of France by Robert Daley is a 488-page hardcover published by Little, Brown and Company.  Copyright 1991.  Stated First Edition.  The dust jacket has light rubbing.  Inside, the book is clean.

Book Summary

For his first nonfiction book in eleven years, Robert Daley has returned to the France that formed him, to the country he knows, as he writes, better than his own in some ways.  The result is a vibrant, pulsating, and original work that takes the reader on a tour of French history and French culture, from the rustic chateau where Lafayette was born to the corrupt splendor of the Avignon popes and anti-popes, from the opulent Paris Opera to World War I battlefields, from the drinking of an irreplaceable and nearly priceless bottle of wine to the lung-bursting climb by bike racers up and over Restefond Pass, the highest road in Europe.  Portraits of France is a shimmering landscape.  Some of the material came out of the author's original research.  In the archives of Bordeaux, Paris, and Nice, into events centuries old; some of it he saw with his own eyes.  Much of it is intensely personal, the story of the twenty-three-year-old boy who landed in Nice wanting to become a great writer--Nice because F. Scott Fitzgerald had gone there thirty years previously, so that seemed to be the place. 


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