Poker: The Nation's Most Fascinating Card Game

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Poker:  The Nation's Most Fascinating Card Game is a 47-page paperback (more like a pamphlet) first published in 1950, I am unsure when this copy was published.  The condition is very good.

Book Summary

Poker became the national card game of the United States because it so well suits the American temperament.  It is a game for the individual.  In it, the player is on his own, the master of his own fate.

There are other reasons why Poker is such a timeless favorite.  It fits any situation, whether it is a serious game among expert players or a hilarious game for the entertainment of family and friends who just want to have a good time.  Almost any number of persons can play in the same game.  Poker is an easy game to learn, and once learned is never forgotten.  And the cost of the equipment is inconsiderable; there is no more economical form of recreation than card-playing.