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Penguins by Roger Tory Peterson

Penguins by Roger Tory Peterson

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Penguins by Roger Tory Peterson is a 238-page hardcover published in 1979 by Houghton Mifflin Company.  The condition of both the dust jacket and book is very good, with only signs light handling present.

Book Summary

"'Comical,' 'Adorable,' 'The little fellow in the dress suit.'  It is tempting to be anthropomorphic about penguins, but they are not little people dressed in feathers.  They are dedicated to penguinism--a life moulded by the cold impersonal sea, harsh climates, and crowded colonies in which they reproduce."

Roger Tory Peterson, the world's most honored author of bird guides, a renowned naturalist, conservationist, and environmentalist, and a superb artist and photographer, is a man for all seasons.  Using his many skills in this very special book, he gives us a personal view of his favorite family of birds.  In more than a dozen expeditions to the Antarctic and the islands that lie off the tips of the southern continents, Dr. Peterson has been privileged to observe all 17 species of penguins on their home ground, often on islands where few others have ever landed.

While on this penguin-watching adventure below the equator, we learn about their neighbors and enemies, their trials and tribulations, and how they share the bounty of the sea with the seals and whales.  Their evolutionary history and their ill-fated encounters with man are reviewed.  Their northern lookalikes, the auks, are also described.  We are presented with birds of great variety and amazing toughness. 

ISBN:  0-395-27092-8

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