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Pavarotti: My World by Luciano Pavarotti with William Wright

Pavarotti: My World by Luciano Pavarotti with William Wright

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Pavarotti: My World by Luciano Pavarotti with William Wright is a 345-page hardcover published in 1995 by Crown Publishers Inc, and is a stated first edition.

Book Summary

Because his popularity has spanned the globe, Luciano Pavarotti has become one of the most celebrated and loved personalities of his time. Long acknowledged as the day’s premier tenor, Pavarotti has joined the handful of public figures who have broken from the confines of their field and won the affection of the public-at-large.

In Pavarotti: My World, the singer takes us along on his remarkable life behind the scenes at his most notable performances, the complex arrangements for his historic visit to Peking, his work with Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and conductor Zubin Mehta for the landmark Three Tenors concerts, the incredible logistics of his world tours always conveying his zest for new challenges and his enthusiasm for everything he undertakes.

Throughout his account Pavarotti offers highly individual ruminations and insights about a broad range of subjects--singing, opera, food, friendship, women, a smorgasbord of opinions and observations that reveal his complex personality. We learn of his family life, his love of horses and the jumper shows he sponsors, the international vocal competition he initiated, and his determination to remain what he started out to be, and operatic tenor.

In his account of himself, Pavarotti does not fall into the trap of merely catalog his triumphs, but speaks openly about personal and professional adversity such as performing calamities and the frightening illness of his youngest daughter. Reading Pavarotti: My World is like spending a relaxing evening with his phenomenal artist, whose rare talent and infectious humanity have charmed the world.

ISBN:  0-517-70027-1

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