Patriot Games by Tom Clancy

$ 12.00

Patriot Games by Tom Clancy is a 540-page hardcover published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1987, first edition.  The dust jacket has light rubbing, small chips and tears along the top and bottom edges, and a 1/4" closed tear in the back edge.  The light gray half cloth hardbound cover is gilt impressed.  The pages and binding are tight and clean, with very slight bumping to the tail of the spine. 

Book Summary

It is fall.  Years before the defection of a Soviet submarine will send him hurtling into confrontation with the Soviets, historian, ex-marine and CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vacationing in London with his wife and young daughter, when a terrorist attack take place before his eyes.  Instinctively, he dives forward to break it up, and is shot  It is not until he wakes up in the hospital that he learns whose lives he saved--the Prince and Princess of Wales and their young son--and which enemies he has made--the Ulster Liberation Army, and ultra-left-wing splinter of the IRA.  

By his impulsive act, he has gained both the gratitude of a nation and the enmity of its most dangerous men--men who don't sit on their hate.  And in the weeks and months to come, it is Jack Ryan, and his family, who will become the targets of that hate.

Sweeping from England to Ireland to America with ever-growing momentum, its suspense steadily intensifying as Ryan must summon all the skills and knowledge at his command to battle back against his nemesis, Patriot Games gives us a remarkable set of characters in the most desperate struggle for their lives.

ISBN:  0-399-13241-4