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Paradise Alley by Kevin Baker

Paradise Alley by Kevin Baker

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Paradise Alley by Kevin Baker is a 676-page hardcover published in 2002 by HarperCollins Publishers, and is a stated first edition.  The dust jacket and book are in as-new condition, with no evidence of use. 

Book Summary

At the height of the Civil War, what begins with strong words and a few broken bottles will, over the course of five days escalate into the worst urban conflagration in American history.  Hundreds of thousands of poor Irish immigrants smolder with resentment against a war and a president that have cost them so many of their young men.  When word spreads throughout New York's immigrant wards that a military draft is about to be implemented--a draft from which any rich man's son with $300 can buy an exemption--trouble begins to spill into the streets.  Down in the waterfront slum of Paradise Alley, three women--Diedre Dolan O'Kane, Ruth Dove, and Maddie Boyle--struggle with their private fears as they wait for the storm to descend on them. 

ISBN:  0-06-019582-7

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