Otagiri Mercantile Company (Japan) Lidded Potato and Papaya Ginger Jars, A Pair

$ 60.00

A pair of unique lidded ceramic ginger jars from Otagiri featuring a gray crackle base pattern to which colorful scrolling tree, flower and snake patterns are applied.  Above the trees are the words "Carica Fruet" and "Solanum Tuber" which translates to papaya fruit and potato tuber.  Each jar measures 5" wide and 6 1/2" tall.  Overall the condition of both pieces is good.  There is a small no-show chip to the rim (see pic) of one of the jars.  The original silver and gold "OMC Japan" stickers are affixed to the bottoms, which are also covered in protective felt.  These would make unusual vases.