Otagiri Mercantile Company (Japan) Hand-Painted Porcelain Fruit-Shaped Candy and Nute Dishes

$ 15.00

A set of four small glossy white porcelain fruit-shaped bowls from Otagiri featuring hand-painted butterflies and ladybugs accented in gold and each finished with gold rims.  Each bowl measures approximately 3 1/2" long, 3" wide, and 1/2" high.  Two of the bottoms have the original foil "OMC" stickers that is faded away so the OMC name isn't visible, I just know these pieces are from there.  The condition of each is very good, with little to no evidence of use.

Otagiri Mercantile Company

Otagiri Mercantile Company ("OMC"), was a importer of porcelain and stoneware to the United States retail and restaurant trade from Japan for almost 50 years.  The products were hand made and painted by Japanese artisans, and were marked with a yellow and gold sticker printed with the initials "OMC" and "Japan."  Otagiri was sold to Enesco Group in 1994 and the line was discontinued.