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Original Self by Thomas Moore

Original Self by Thomas Moore

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Original Self by Thomas Moore is a 150-page hardcover published in 2000 by HarperCollinsPublishers and is a stated first edition. The dust jacket and book are in very good condition.

Book Summary

Is easy today to lose the deep, direct, and vivid sense of living with passion and originality. Thomas Moore states in his preface but we are "chronically trying to be someone other than this original self, persuaded that we are not adequate and should fit some norm of health or correctness, we may find a cool distance may gradually separate us from the deep and eternal person, that God-given personality, and we may forget both who we were and who we might be."

15 meditations in this collection offer fresh interpretations of living with originality rather than Conformity, presenting multi-dimensional portraits of the creative self and different angles from which to tap ones primal emotions and possibilities. 

With his usual grace and insight, Moore counters the prevailing assumptions of the day and offer strikingly unorthodox views on what is virtuous and healthy, opening up possibilities for a renewal of the way we live socially in our private lives.

ISBN:  0-06-019542-8

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